Friday, February 18, 2011

Very Proud Parents!

Another project has occupied our time here at home this week.  Our eldest had her first Science Fair at her new school which involved the third through sixth grades.  My husband and I have never attended or participated in a science fair, so this was going to be a learning experience for all.  She had an idea of comparing and measuring the flight distances of three different paper airplanes with the only difference between them would be the type of paper (copy paper, card stock, and cardboard).   Being the happy-go-lucky child she is, her excitement for the project never ended.  She never grew tired of the long hours, no complaining, and she stayed very focused on the final project.  As the end was drawing closer, we explained to her that this would be her "practice" year since none of us knew what to expect or what was expected.  Knowing that the other students had been through this year after year and had a lot more practice and knowledge of the competition, we promised her we would come out of this with lots of ideas for the next year.  She understood, but still had the dream of coming home with that First Place ribbon.

Then it was time to take the project board to school to be judged.  She marched in with her prepared board with so much confidence, while I looked around the room and noticed her board was definitely different from the others and my heart was sinking fast.  What had we done?  We made her prepare it exactly as the directions told her to.  But I had to remind myself that this was her "practice" year and she was very proud of her project and that was the most important thing.  Plus, I was so proud of the effort and time she had put into this. 

The next day was the Science Fair Open House and Award Ceremony.  Her excitement was building.  All the proud family members were there to encourage and show their support for all their young scientists.  The room was filled with smiles and eagerness to learn the results. 

Her science teacher started out by announcing the participants first then moved to the ribbon winners.  Our daughter's name hadn't been announced yet, and they were announcing Honorable Mention.  This award was a tie, surely she would be one of them.  I clinched my camera closer, and her name wasn't called for either of those.  Now it's time for the Third Place to be announced, no, it wasn't her either.  Okay, two more students left, her best friend and herself, Second place winner was... her best friend.  The only student left was our (now beaming) daughter.  Tears started building in my eyes, trying to hold them back long enough to take the picture of her award acceptance.  She had WON!!!

 I can not explain how proud we were of her, and the excitement we felt, even now, I am tearing up again just thinking of that moment.  Our daughter is the type of student who has to work extra hard to keep an above average grade, school does not come easy to her at all.  And her hard work finally paid off!  Time to celebrate!  Ice cream at Braum's!!!
And finally, here she is posing with her big Blue Ribbon!

I am very proud of the little lady you have become!  I love you Baby Girl!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Formal Dining Room Makeover

I have neglected my blog recently and I apologize.  We have had a few snow days which means those days have been spent with the kiddos, we LOVE being snowed in!!!  However, I have something exciting to share with you, our new formal dining room.  Here is a before picture.
I started by stripping the wallpaper with the steamer I purchased this past summer.  There are several rooms in our home that are papered and it was a great investment.  Using a steamer is the fastest, easiest way I have found to strip wallpaper.  Trust me, I have taken off a lot of wallpaper in the past!

A deep burgundy was painted below the chair rail.  I started with 2 coats of primer, then finished with 2 coats of paint.  Little by little, I have been refinishing the woodwork throughout the home.  For the woodwork, I used 2 coats of primer and paint as well.

Are you ready to see the finished project???  Drum roll, please...

I painted the tray ceiling the same color as the walls, I loved how it turned out, it gave a lot of (much needed) dimension to the small room.
While I was in the middle of this project, my little one and I took a "field trip" to my new favorite place, Goodwill.  I try to repurpose as much as possible and well, I just love the hunt and finding treasures.  Look at what I found.

I found the pair for $4.99.  I fell in love with them right away, look at the clean lines.  Beautiful!!!

I also found a vase at Goodwill for $.99 and a candlestick holder for the same price at the Dollar General.  And with some Gorilla Glue this is what I came up with, a hurricane lamp for $2.00!

Now the wow factor, this makeover was done for around $50.00!  I already had the primer and creamy white paint for the woodwork and bottom half of the room.  I always use the same paint and primer for my woodwork in the home, it allows the rooms to flow together and is easier on the pocket book!  With taking care of your paint brushes, drop clothes, and other miscellaneous painting tools, you never have to endure those costs again.  I have had the same paint brush since 2008, and it has been used for a chocolate brown room, a steel blue room, bright purple and lime green room, and not to forget about the stark red and yellow Mickey Mouse room.  Reuse what you have and repurpose those treasures you find.

Now, your turn, take the next step to a stunning makeover in your own home!

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