Wednesday, June 27, 2012

106 Degrees and a Christmas Moment

I am a frugal girl and I love finding amazing deals.  My most favorite sale has always been the Webster's Pages HUGE Wharehouse Sale.  I believe it is a semi annual sale.  I always partake in the $25 package, and when it arrives on my doorstep I am as giddy as a child on Christmas Day.  However, it is 106 degrees, and I am taken quickly back to reality.  You never know what pieces will be included, so it is truly a surprise.

My mind is spinning with creativity.  Oh what to use first???????  The project ideas are endless and I can't wait to get my hands dirty with all these goodies!!!  My baby girl has had an allergic reaction and she can't be out in the sun...  I guess I can't argue with the Dr.'s orders, inside my craftroom it is, tee hee hee!