Monday, April 4, 2011

What Is A Girl To Do...

I found myself with a lot of free time this past weekend.  My husband was busy working on a project for his job and the kiddos wanted to be outside, it was close to 90 degrees here and they were loving it.  So I took this time to myself and made the absolute most of it! 

With spring as my inspiration, I created my own vintage floral beauties.  My obsession with these started by my ever-growing scrap pile.  You know that pile, the scraps we can't throw away because we are "scrap"bookers and that is a big "no-no".  But at times, it does seem we continually pull from our new pretty papers and forget about our ol' faithfuls in that box.

So, I dove right into that scrap pile and this is what I came up with Friday evening.

I was very happy with what "bloomed" in my studio, now I couldn't stop. 

Saturday bloomed with these.

More neutral, but just as pretty.

Then came the tedious task of cutting very fragile, thin hymnal paper with the Cricut.  After many cuts and lots of patience I created these and then took a much needed break.

Now I know many of you are just like me, once your mind starts creating, it is hard to turn it off.  Needless to say, Saturday night didn't bring much sleep.  My mind was going with new ideas.  And here they are.

With the help of Ranger's Liquid Pearls and Stickles, they all "bloomed" perfectly!

What has spring inspired you to do or create?

If in fact you would like to purchase any of these for your own scrapbooking and card making needs, they are all for sale.  Feel free to contact me.  I will also be selling on Etsy soon!

Now I have a date with my little man and his Play-Doh!  Tah, Tah!