Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Husband's Study Reno

What sold my husband on this house was the idea of his study, located on the main floor and a very nice space just for him.  While I have been busy this last year taking on one room at a time and making it specific to our style, I saved his study for one of the last to conquer.  This space has 10 foot ceilings and I fear heights, YIKES!!!  Nevertheless, it had to be faced sooner or later and I couldn't keep ignoring it.

My original plan was to start on Wednesday and have it finished on Friday.  Three days, no problem, I have done this lots.  I was wrong...

I started steaming the wallpaper off, as I have done many times before, and it would not come off.  While I struggled to remove this paper, I learned that it was not a prepasted wallpaper, therefore it had been pasted on.  Eventually the wallpaper was removed, but it came off with pieces of the drywall and left a glue residue on the walls.  I was left with a messy, uneven surface.  I knew I had to sand down the wall, and "resurface" the wall.  

After days of sanding, mudding, sanding, patching, sanding, I finally had new walls.  Next was the primer and finally the paint.  YAY!!!

I loved how the colors turned out, I had the swatches hanging on the wall for 6 months, lol.

And most importantly, he LOVES it!  I notice that he keeps going in and just looking and admiring, awwwwwww!  

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