Friday, October 21, 2011

A Mad Invite cont...

Ta Da!!!

I started by decorating the outside of the invite with a bright purple foil cardstock.  Since the hat angled where the "ribbon" would be placed, I glued the purple cardstock on the hat and trimmed to angle to the hat after in place.

You can't have a Mad Hatter hat without the infamous 10/6!  Using the torn pieces from the inside of the invite, I trimmed a rectangle and wrote 10/6 on each piece.

This project took very little time, I was able to do most of it off and on while concentrating on our regular schedule as well as some volunteer work I was doing this week and a girl's night out to the new movie "Footloose".  Wow, what a week!  A lot of projects finished and ready for a new week of new projects and the much anticipated Tea Party.  We have a very excited 10 year old and are looking forward to all of it!!!

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