Friday, October 21, 2011

A Mad Invite

Our eldest has been asking to host a Halloween party for all the girls in her class.  We agreed and I am so happy to take on such an event.  At first, I wasn't sure which direction to go with a theme, what would be considered "cool"?  With just finishing her Mad Hatter Halloween costume, the thought of a Wonderland theme came to mind, but I was hesitant on the expense this might bring.  Then my great friend Bryannna suggested the same thing, a tea party.  So, I guess you could say, she talked me into it.  Thanks Bry!

I began using one of my greatest tools, Google, and found lots of wonderful ideas!  And everything was relatively inexpensive and easy to do.  Starting with the invites, it suggested using phrases as "For the Duchess", "An invitation from the queen to play croquet", "Meet me in Wonderland", etc.  I had to add "Please don't be late, this is a very important date, no time to waste", tee hee hee, I love it!!!

Knowing I needed to use something from a Cricut cartridge, I went directly to my go-to Cartridge, "A Child's Year".  Even if you don't have children, this is perfect for every facet of life.  Immediately finding 3 different die cuts that would work for such an invent, a tea cup, tea pot, and a top hat.  I chose the top hat to match the hat made for our daughter's costume.  Using the Gypsy, I welded two top hats together making a card.

Now time to cut!

I used black cardstock from Walmart and was able to do a single cut.  I am notorious for double cutting everything, I believe it is worth it, but I have to say this cut perfectly.  Yes, I am still in shock.

Now time to fold and crease.  ALWAYS SCORE FIRST!!!  I can not stress it enough.  It makes a proper fold, not sloppy, and yes, you can tell the difference every time.  In the past, I would use a bone folder, great tool, a must have and very inexpensive.  However, I just purchased a new paper trimmer, mostly for the scoring ability.  When purchasing a paper trimmer, choose one that can be used to score as well as cut, especially when it is the same price.

It takes seconds to interchange the blades, really.

The black cardstock has a white core, a quick fix is to apply black with a Sharpie marker to just the white showings.

I love tearing to add texture to any paper project. Ink the edges to enhance that texture.  Then some fun, crinkle the paper and while it is crinkled, ink those areas, giving it a very worn, vintage look.  EEK!  Loved the turnout!!!

to be continued....

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  1. Love it, very original! I can't plan fun parties anymore now that my kids are all grown up.