Tuesday, March 6, 2012

National Frozen Food Day

Is your life as busy as mine???  Some days just getting a dinner prepared and on the table seems more like an episode from "A Minute To Win It".  Being that I would rather prepare a healthy, fresh meal out of my own kitchen than out of a box, freezing the extras is a must for those days when we have ballet lessons, tap lessons, cello practice, homework, church, dentist appointments, etc.  This was my day a couple of weeks ago, and could not fit anything else into that day, whew!  To ease this busy lifestyle of our family is simple, when preparing a meal, double or triple the recipe and freeze the extras for another day (this really does not take any additional time, but saves you a lot of precious time later).  Here is a great place to find those perfect freezer recipes, onceamonthmom.com.  In addition, they are celebrating National Frozen Food Day!  With the fun (and addiction) of Pinterest, you will be able to share, view, add your own favorites.  Go ahead, get started, and have some fun with all of us today!!!  Hope to see you there!

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