Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another First

Our lives are full of "firsts".  At the age of 16, receiving your first driver's license or your first day of college or your first day as a married couple and so on.  At the age of 36, I have found another first, my first day having no children at home with me, laying in the fetal position, sucking my thumb.  Obviously, I am not taking it so well, lol!  It was funny, not having them here with me, I went grocery shopping by myself and then to Walmart by myself, and back home to put my purchases away, by myself.  They weren't there picking out which grocery cart to use, they weren't there picking out what fruit they wanted for the week, they weren't there helping put groceries away, asking questions, asking for milk in the favorite sippy cut...  They weren't there...

This was my first 3 hours to myself...  I am not sure when I have had time to myself... Shopping for new clothes was always done with a little one in the dressing room with me, our anniversary dinner has always been celebrated with our children, and I don't think I have used a bathroom without interruption for the last 10 years...To some, maybe most, this new alone time would seem a blessing, but to me, it was not.  I truly missed their voices, even their bickering, lol!  So, of course, I needed to take advantage of this time given, and to my surprise I did get a lot accomplished.  My studio had taken a turn for the worse, this usually happens at least once a month.  With this new found time on my hands, I started organizing without any interruptions, hmmmmmmm...  Then the daydreaming started of what kind of "to-do's" were in my future.  I have to say my list is growing by the minute, Halloween costumes to be made before our upcoming "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party" at Walt Disney World in October, Christmas cards to be made in the next couple of weeks, and the upcoming decorating for fall and Christmas seasons, and so on.  Oh the possibilities!!!

With this change of heart, I opened a box that arrived a week ago, and started observing the contents again...

It was my Webster's Pages purchase through Groupon, so many pretties for just $25, I am exhilarated with this purchase!!!  It brought a much needed smile to my face. 

With these beauties that arrived via snail mail, I have a lot to keep me busy until this school year ends... How many more days until summer vacation????  This Mommy can't wait!!!

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