Friday, January 14, 2011

Remembering The Snow

My daughter loves the snow and to her amazement we finally received a snowfall this past week.  However, the accumulation was disappointing for her, it wasn't what she is accustomed to.  Back home, she would take her sled to school and enjoy sledding for weeks, we would have had a chance to build a gigantic snowman, and you can't forget the inevitable school cancellations, dismissals, and late start due to the impact of snow.  As I type this, I look out the window and see just patches of snow left, most of it has melted away.  And now, our less hopeful daughter has put away her snow pants, reluctantly.  In a chance to cheer her up, I went through the ever growing pile of pictures that needs scrapped, and found a few from one of our blizzards last year.  I also grabbed my ever growing pile of Scrapbooks, etc. magazine, which influence me greatly to scrap, and found the perfect layout in the February 2010 edition.  This is what I came up with.

I loved the stitching that was used in my "scrap lifted" layout, so I made sure to incorporate stitching in this layout.  I know nothing about sewing, so I always drag my feet when it comes to applying this technique to my pages, although I am always pleased with the turn out.  Here is another look at the stitching, such a simple way to apply yet another texture to any page.
Note the journaling, in the past I hesitated to place any journaling on a page because, like everyone else, I am not pleased with my handwriting on my pages.  So, therefore, I force myself to do this on just about every page I scrap.  It puts a very personal touch to every page, and makes them extra special. 
I then grabbed my Gypsy to create different snowflakes, these were found on the "A Child's Year" cart and "Christmas" cart.  There was no alteration necessary, but I was able to cut the snowflakes all at once without changing the cartridges.

Well, this is how I spent my Friday afternoon, with a finished project, I am very pleased and ready to jump into the weekend now.  Have a great weekend!  Thanks for visiting!!!

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  1. Could you be any more talented!! I will probably never be a crafter but you make me think about it! This is more than scrapping....